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Traditional Funeral Service...

Our traditional funeral service fee ranges from £1,250 - £1,550 plus disbursements. This allows our service to be fully tailored to suit your needs.  Our service to you can include the following...

  • The provision of all funeral directors services for cremation or burial
  • Funeral arrangements may be made at your home, our funeral home or another location, such as a solicitor's office or friend's home
  • Full care and preparation of the deceased
  • Any coffin of your choice. We have a variety of styles available
  • Limousines are available for the cortege
  • Use of our dedicated chapel of rest
  • Administration of all donations received and the placing of a death announcement in the local newspaper
  • The provision of a hearse and 4 bearers to leave from any specified address

What's not included in our traditional funeral service fee....

  1. Crematorium/Burial Fee
  2. Doctors Fee's ( if applicable )
  3. Floral Tributes
  4. Newspaper Announcement
  5. Order of service sheets
  6. Officiant fee to conduct the funeral service

We ask for an upfront deposit equal to the disbursements plus 50% of the funeral directors fee, with our traditional funeral service.

Essentials Funeral Service...

Our Essentials funeral service fee is £900.00 plus disbursements.
Our Essentials funeral option is a very basic service for cremation at Worcester or Redditch crematorium only.
Our Essentials service allows...

  • Provision of the funeral directors services
  • Provision of the required funeral staff
  • Funeral arrangements made at our funeral home
  • No choice on the day or time of the funeral, though a choice is available for a supplementary £150 fee
  • A plain oak effect coffin of our choosing suitable for cremation only
  • The care of the deceased dressed in their own clothes
  • The provision of a hearse only, direct to crematorium
  • No administration of donations nor placing of death announcement

What's not included in our essentials funeral;

  1. Crematorium Fee
  2. Doctors Fees ( if applicable )
  3. Floral Tributes
  4. Newspaper Announcements
  5. Order of service sheets
  6. Officiants fee to conduct the funeral service

To help us operate more efficiently and to keep costs down, we ask for full payment at least 48hrs prior to the day of the funeral, with our essentials funeral option.

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