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Worcester Funeral Service - Grave Tending Service & Pricing

It is important to all of us that the final resting places of our loved ones look respectable at all times. We all want the peace of mind of knowing that the graves and memorials of our loved ones are being maintained in the dignified manner that their memory deserves.

Yet many of us are unable to physically do this important job ourselves. For reasons of age, distance or lack of tools, time or transport, we find we are unable to do all that is necessary to keep family graves and their memorials looking as well cared for as we would like.

The result is that the final resting places of those we loved often become unkempt, with memorials becoming dirty and inscriptions unclear. Our Grave Tending Service has been established to solve this problem for you and bring you peace of mind.

We decided to provide a premium Grave Tending Service, as many of our clients have expressed a need to ensure that graves throughout our area are maintained in their absence at a frequency stipulated by them. We will always try to accommodate personal preferences wherever possible.

On each grave tending visit we will:

  • Lightly clean the memorial to remove bird dropping, dirt and surface algae, using a non-toxic and earth friendly detergent.
  • Washing of vases and memorial pots.
  • Remove all dead flowers, plants, weeds and leaf litter.
  • Trim grass and tidy edges/borders.
  • Light pruning of heathers, shrubs and other plants if required.
  • Remove all debris.
  • Provide before and after digital photographs via email.

ServicesCaretakerSpecialSeasonalLoving CareGold
Perfect for the older grave you don't want to fall into disrepairA good choice if you live some distance awayA visit for every season of the yearTailored for those who find regular visits unmanageableOur most popular tending package
Tendings per year124612
Monthly charge£5.00£7.50£12.50£17.50£32.50

Payments are normally made monthly by Standing Order. Alternatively, we can also accept an annual payment by cheque.

Knowing that a loved one's grave looks respectable and dignified gives security and peace of mind. We are proud of our grave tending service and always take upmost care in our work.

Floral Tributes

You can add colour to your loved one's grave or memorial at any tending with our fresh flower delivery and arrangement service at an additional cost of only £18 per tending.

Planting Out

Our expert gardeners will be pleased to plant out the grave or memorial with the seasonal plants of your choice at any tending in your chosen service for an additional cost of £24 per tending.

Christmas Holly Wreath

You can add a Christmas Holly Wreath to your loved one's grave or memorial at an appropriate tending at an additional cost of only £22.

Additional Grave Tending Options:

  • Actual photographs sent via mail
  • Replacement vases and flower holders
  • Adding of top soil
  • Turfing work
  • Re-levelling of memorial
  • Replace edging stones/gravel/chippings
  • Specific date request
  • Full remedial work to memorial


Should you require us to help you maintain two or more graves or memorials, we will be pleased to discuss a possible discount.

Please note the prices shown above are based for Cemeteries and Graveyards within a 15 mile radius of Worcester. We are more than happy to quote for other Cemeteries and Graveyards in other areas but different rates may apply.

Terms & Conditions

All of our work is carried out in a dignified and respectful manner.

All flowers are purchased on the day of delivery to ensure freshness.

We must locate the grave 14 days before the first visit can take place.

You will receive email confirmation following each visit.

Work will be carried out once payment has cleared.

Work can be carried out on a specific date if requested but under no circumstances will any work be undertaken on a Public bank holiday.

We will endeavour to meet your requirements regarding flowers and plants, however during specific seasons substitutions may be necessary when certain flowers are unavailable.

Christmas Wreaths can be laid from mid November but must be removed in January.

If we consider any Memorial to be in a dangerous condition we are obliged to inform the relevant local authority or church.

The company will not be held liable for damage to the memorial during or after cleaning.

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